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Business security: everyone’s responsibility

We often think wrongly that the security within an organization is the concern of the managers and the dedicated departments only.
At the end of the day, every shareholder (owners, managers, and employees) has a role to play in the daily safety of their workplace.

Fortunately, there are easy steps to undertake every day to ensure …Continue Reading »

Safer Internet Day Tips

Internet is a wonderful tool but its growing importance of internet in our lives makes protecting your critical data and more difficult. Here are some tips to protect what is important to you online:

Security Checkup

Take a few minutes to review and manage your internet security settings
Secure browser pages, never memorised and regularly changed passwords …Continue Reading »

How to prevent the danger that comes from the inside

When it comes to protecting a business, break in and external thief are the first threats that come to mind.
However, danger does not always strike where it awaits.
Billions of dollars are lost and stolen annually because of Employee behaviors. This can range from the use or the misuse of company assets made without …Continue Reading »

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