7 tips to protect your data

data security tips
  1. Using strong passwords

People first reflex is often to choose a password easy to remember. Dolefully, “123456”, “password”, “12345678”, and “qwerty” are so overly used they become as common as birthday and other personal dates.

The second reflex would be to keep those “too easy” passwords for a long period of time. Indeed, 47% use the same passwords for 5 years straight.

These 2 bad habits are hackers & malicious person best ally to get into your personal and corporate assets.

To avoid such a breach, creating stronger and exchangeable passwords is the best remedy. Therefore, business owners should teach their employee how to choose and regularly change their passwords to guarantee company sustainability.

  1. Malware Protection:

Get your IT specialist to download malware and other antiviruses on every device.

It might seem like an easy advice but not every business is following the tips. The best part of those software is their free access. You don’t have to stretch your budget to protect your data.

  1. Don’t click too fast:

Once again, employees training is key. They should be taught when to click on an attachment or a link.

If a spam link is clicked, it can release all kinds of malwares and Trojan. Thus, everyone should filter emails they receive an only open trusted attachments.

  1. Mobile threats: a threat to be reckoned with.

Thinking that mobile devices are too recent not to be correctly protected is a misbelief. Hackers can access mobile devices as easy as computers or servers. Besides, malwares are harder to erase from mobiles than from desktops.

To lower the risk of getting your corporates assets stolen through mobile devices, make sure to get only trusted apps and documents downloaded. Everyone is concerned.

  1. Back up all your data

Losing customers and company data can be your worst nightmare.

Indeed, some malwares like ransomwares can take over a computer and infect servers & websites, even if your system is protected.

That’s why preventing such a breach is difficult but following the tips included in this article will minimize the risk and keep you system up to date at any time.

  1. Public Wi-Fi – a false friend

As convenient as public Wi-Fi can be, using it always include a high risk of having your data hacked and corrupted.

Therefore, browsing using public Wi-Fi should be limited to non-sensitive activities and sensitive actions such as banking and other transactions should only be run under trusted networks.

  1. Never leave your screens unlocked when you are away

Once again, common sense and precaution is your best ally to protect your data. All your devices contain data that can be easily accessed if you leave them unattended.

Even if it is for a couple of seconds, always secure your devices before your take off.

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