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Seeking the very best home alarm solution to keep your family and property safe at all times?

Look no further than Private Guard Response! Private Guard Response provides you with even greater peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your family and property. If you love the concept of monitored security alarm systems, yet wish for extra protection, our Private Guard Response Service may suit! It provides double protection for your family and property.

If your residential property is in the Calgary area, you can take advantage of this service for greater assurance of protection. Trust United Alarms since 1990 and over 20,000 clients – to keep your family and home safe!

How Private Guard Response works
In the event that our Security Monitoring Centre is notified of a disturbance at your Calgary residential property through security systems at your home, our Monitoring Centre personnel will telephone your property. If they receive no telephone answer when they call, they will send a security officer to your residential premises to investigate. Private Guard Response is a comprehensive security service that could save your home, property – even lives!

Benefits of Private Guard Response
By dispatching a security officer to your residential premises, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • The chances of false emergencies reported to the emergency services are minimized if a security officer goes to the residential property to investigate a disturbance;
  • Emergency services will arrive at the scene quickly if a security officer reports a crisis;
  • Added protection whilst the owners are away, as the security officer will respond to a disturbance;
  • The security officer will arrive at your home quickly; and
  • The chances of damage, injury or theft to your home are reduced thanks to the quick response of this service.

Property in Calgary? Take action to double your security measures today!
For just $4.00 per month, residential customers can obtain complete peace of mind, and for just $5.00 per month, so can businesses. As part of this service, a security guard will be dispatched to check doors and windows for signs of forced entry. If a burglary has taken place, the security guard will notify the police and stay at your home until police arrive. You too can have a residential high security service at an affordable price, so protect your family and property today! Call United Alarm on 403-261-8838

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