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Join the increasing number of families who are staying safe from intruders! Allow United Alarm to protect your family and home today!

Your residential property means a lot, and your family is absolutely priceless. Now you can keep your home and family safe from burglars and by enlisting the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service from United Alarm.

The specialist in alarm systems in Calgary since 1990, United Alarm offers you the peace of mind of its Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service. With close to 37,000 clients, we’re the company to call if you’re looking to install an intrusion alarm monitoring service to keep your family safe!

How the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service works
As a part of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service, there will be a number of electronic sensor devices located throughout your property in key areas where intruders are likely to be detected. If an intruder is present on your Calgary residential property, they will activate the electronic sensor, which will then alert our Monitoring Centre. Our Monitoring Centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week by experienced, qualified security personnel.

Once our Monitoring Centre is notified, our security personnel will:

  • telephone the residential premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;
  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;
  • send a security officer to your home to investigate; or
  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend the residential property.

Benefits of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service
Our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service may just result in a burglar being caught in the act by the relevant authorities, which could result in:

  • your home and property being saved;
  • your pets being saved; or
  • your family avoiding injury.

Isn’t this the peace of mind you are seeking for yourself and your family? You owe it to them to keep them safe!

Act now, keep your family safe and install the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service!
If your residential property is located in Calgary, we can keep you safe. Call the specialist in intrusion alarm monitoring and call United Alarm today!

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