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Protect your home from extreme temperatures and flood – avoid property damage with United Alarm!

Extreme cold or hot weather can result in property damage. Pipes can freeze up, wine cellars can get too hot and flooding can occur. The really great news is that something can be done, and here at United Alarm, we have the solution to protect your home!

Arrange for the installation of flood and temperature sensors and effectively avoid residential property damage! If you live in the Calgary area, allow United Alarm to take care of your home security. Since 1990 providing residential security services and 20 thousands clients, we can install your flood and temperature sensors and provide monitoring as well.

How Flood and Temperature Sensors Work
Flood and temperature sensors are stored in places likely to be affected by flood or temperature changes. Once water reaches an undesirable level or the temperature rises or drops, the sensor will send a signal to the Security Monitoring Centre, which is staffed by a team of experienced security personnel, who will contact either yourself or an authorized party, and take action to prevent damage being caused to your Calgary home.

Benefits of Flood and Temperature Sensors
By installing flood and temperature sensors, you minimize the risk of residential property damage caused by rising waters or temperature changes.

In Calgary? Act now and protect your property from environmental damage!
Our experienced residential security team can install your flood, high temperature and low temperature sensors for just $85.00 each or install all 3 of them for $120.00. There is no additional amount added to your monitoring monthly fee. With the peace of mind and value this package offers you, there’s never been a better time to protect your home from flooding and temperature changes. Call our team now on 403-261-8838!

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