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Stay safe and obtain help in any disaster, regardless of whether your phone line is working or not! It’s all thanks to the Cellular Backup Monitoring Service from United Alarm!

Outside help is always required in the event of a disaster such as a house fire or burglary, and most people call for it via a telephone line. With an innovative solution from United Alarm, people can stay safe and obtain outside help even if their phone line isn’t working or is faulty. The solution is Cellular Backup Monitoring. United Alarm in Calgary was one first by a year of companies installing Digital GSM cellular backup in Canada, so who better to trust? While all other companies are still installing analog systems that will be phased out in 2007, so install the very best in Digital cellular backup today and choose United Alarm.

How Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring works
Unlike traditional security alarms that work with a telephone line, Digital cellular backup monitoring allows direct communication between your property and our Security Monitoring Centre via the security system itself. No telephone line is required at all. This is the ideal solution if you do not have a reliable telephone line or if you only use a cell phone and do not use a land line telephone at home. Digital Cellular backup monitoring also gives Calgary families the peace of mind that they can communicate with our Security Monitoring Centre, even in the event of a burglary where the phone lines are cut.

The Benefits of Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring
Our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring Service gives you and your family total security without the need for a phone line. The Digital cellular backup monitoring service will give you the peace of mind that your family and property can stay safe in the event of disaster if the phone lines have been cut or go down. Such situations where Digital cellular backup monitoring could help include:

  • if you or your family are trapped at home as the result of a burglary, and the phone lines have been cut;
  • if a break in occurs and your phone lines are down; and
  • if your phone lines are cut or go down before your security system can alert our Security Monitoring Centre.

Digital Cellular backup monitoring means help can get through even if your phone lines are down or cut.

Peace of mind available throughout Calgary – get Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring today!
Wherever you are in Calgary, United Alarm can protect your home and family thanks to Digital cellular backup monitoring. Call United Alarm to inquire today and stay safe!

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