Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Residential – Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide is the #1 accidental killer in Canada. The great news is that United Alarm is keeping more and more people safe from it!

If you have home furnaces in your home that use fuels such as propane or kerosene, gasoline, oil or natural gas, those portions of the unused fuel can create the deadly carbon monoxide gas, which can kill. You cannot detect it by smell and it is colorless, so vigilance is your best protection.

What better way to protect your family than by enlisting United Alarm’s Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service! United Alarm has been in the carbon monoxide monitoring business since 1990 and is dedicated to the safety of your family. We have the solution to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and that solution is the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service.

How the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service Works
Our specialist team will install a number of electronic sensors in your home which will detect harmful carbon monoxide in the air in an instant. These devices will be monitored 24 hours a day whether your system is armed or not, this will provide you and your family a worry free night. Once high levels of carbon monoxide are detected, our Monitoring Centre will notify you immediately. Our team will also dispatch the appropriate emergency authorities.

The Benefits of the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service
By enlisting our Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service, you may save the lives of yourself, your family and pets. With carbon monoxide killing too many people each year, now is the time to take action to protect your family.

Act Now! Enlist to our Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service today and protect your family!

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