Automatic Fire Alarm

Residential –¬†Automatic Fire Alarm

Homeowners across Canada lose a staggering $517 million each year to fire. The fortunate ones are being protected thanks to the fire alarm systems of United Alarm!

Looking for the very best fire protection solution for your home? It’s called a residential automatic fire alarm system, and if you are in Calgary, it could save your property – even the lives of your family!

United Alarm is the residential automatic fire alarm specialist of choice in Calgary. After all those years in the business of residential fire alarm services, United Alarm can give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. It’s all thanks to its residential automatic fire alarm system.

How the Residential Automatic Fire Alarm System Works
An experienced fire alarm specialist will install a number of automatic fire alarm sensors throughout key areas of your home. In the event of even the slightest smoke, your automatic fire alarm will detect this and our Security Monitoring Centre will be notified of this. A very loud evacuation siren will sound, that will wake even the deepest sleepers. Your family will be notified of the danger immediately and will have time to exit to safety. At the same time our monitoring specialists will notify the fire department of the emergency.

Benefits of the Fire Alarm System
The United Alarm Residential Automatic Fire Alarm System has the potential to save property and lives, thanks to its early warning system. If you are at home sleeping in the middle of the night, or working at your office while your children are home alone, if a fire breaks out, you can be assured that our Security Monitoring Centre will act immediately to protect your family and your property.

In Calgary? Act now to keep your home and family safe from fire!
Total fire protection for a few dollars! That’s a tiny price to put on the safety of your home and family, however this is the amazing price we are currently offering on our Residential Automatic Fire Alarm System. You pay just for the devices needed and there is no extra on your monitoring fee. For just a little extra you have the complete peace of mind, knowing that your home, your family and pets are going to be safe from a house fire. Call United Alarm now and keep your family safe today!

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