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Residential – 24 Hour ULC Monitoring

Imagine how many burglaries and house fires in Calgary could be avoided if somebody somewhere was always watching over?

Burglaries, house fires and other hazards claim the lives of too many people. It damages and destroys countless properties. Imagine if somebody was always watching over your home and family, to ensure total safety at all time? It’s a reality now, thanks to United Alarm. Enlist United Alarm’s 24 Hour ULC Monitoring Service, to ensure that somebody is always watching over and protecting your home and your family. Wherever you are in Calgary, we can assist. We can protect.

How 24 Hour ULC Monitoring works
When you enlist to our 24 Hour ULC Monitoring Service, electronic security devices will be installed at your property on the inside of the building. The devices are located in areas most likely to detect disturbances whether it is intruders, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning just to name a few. Your devices are connected to our panel control link to the Security Monitoring Station, which is staffed 24/7 by trained, qualified security personnel who will be notified by the sensors of any signs of danger at your property. When possible danger has been detected, our Security Monitoring team will:

  • telephone the residential premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;
  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;
  • send a security officer to your residential property to investigate; or
  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend the residential property.

If your residential property is in the Calgary area, you can be assured of total security and protection with 24 Hour ULC Monitoring.

The Benefits of 24 Hour ULC Monitoring
By enlisting 24 Hour ULC Monitoring at your Calgary residential property, you have the full security of:

  • experienced security personnel watching over your residential property 24/7; and
  • cutting edge electronic devices installed at your residential property and test regularly for optimum performance.

Such security means you are dramatically increasing the safety and security of your residential property, your family and yourself. If you’re based in Calgary, you know what you must do!

Total protection is just a phone call away, so call United Alarm today!

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