ULC Fire/Burglary Certification

Commercial – ULC Fire/Burglary Certification

Fact !
United Alarm is 1 of 4 of all the Companies in Calgary that is certified for Burglary and Fire; And 1 of 2 that has a ULC certified monitoring station in Calgary.

Your business is what it is today because of the hard effort you have put in. When it comes to burglary and fire, fast response is what can and does save property and lives. Fast response is possible for all Calgary-based businesses, thanks to United Alarm’s ULC Fire and Burglary Certified products and services. With more than 20,000 clients, United Alarm is the security provider of choice for Calgary businesses!

What ULC Fire and Burglary Certification means
If you’re in business, you will know that some insurance companies require you to use only a ULC listed security company. To access comprehensive detail regarding ULC simply visit United Alarm – the commercial security specialists for over 16 years in the Calgary area – is fully ULC listed for fire in large commercial premises and high rise buildings. United Alarm also has ULC listing to safeguard your property from burglary, and is fully insured and ULC listed to install alarm systems for high level security clients, e.g. jewelry stores. In fact, United alarm is 1 of only 4 of the 27 security companies in Calgary that are certified for both Burglary and Fire from ULC!

This certification means Calgary-based United Alarm’s security products and services, security alarm equipment, method of installation, office procedures, installers and monitoring centres are certified by Under Writers Laboratories. Each year our security product and service offerings are tested by Under Writers Laboratories, and they meet and exceed the standards for high level security, installation and procedures. In other words, the certification means everything United Alarm offers to clients is of the highest quality standard, ensuring your ultimate peace of mind. Why leave the security of your business to anybody else?

Enlist the very best in commercial security! Enlist the Calgary commercial security specialists!
With a whole range of comprehensive commercial security solutions for your business and ultimate assurance, talk to one of our commercial security specialists today! Our priority is protecting your business.


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