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More and more businesses are minimizing the incidences of employee theft and shoplifting by enlisting the protective expertise of United Alarm!

Thanks to United Alarm – the commercial security system specialists in Calgary, you can start protecting your business thanks to our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service. Since 1990 United Alarm has years protecting over 20 thousands of businesses, we’re the security company of choice!

How the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service works
This service operates quite easily. When you enlist the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service for your Calgary business, our qualified technicians will install the latest, state-of-the-art electronic sensor devices at your place of business. Choose from wireless or installed wired devices to best suit your needs.

This security system is customized to your business, to minimize the occurrence of theft and burglary. The security system will see what you and your staff may not, 24/7 and will work with our Security Monitoring Centre to alert you to any possible threats, so you can minimize risk. After hours when nobody is at your business premises, if the electronic sensors detect a disturbance, the Security Monitoring Centre will:

  • telephone the business premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;
  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;
  • send a security officer to your business to investigate; or
  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend your commercial premises.

Benefits of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service
By enlisting the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service for your commercial premises, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • you will minimize the risk of employee theft before and after hours;
  • you will minimize the risk of theft due to shoplifting; and
  • you will minimize the risk of burglary after hours.

By enlisting our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service, you also have the added peace of mind we are ULC listed and insured for the installation of burglary systems that require higher levels of security, e.g. jewelry stores.

Take action now to protect your Calgary business by enlisting our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service!
Talk to our friendly commercial security solutions experts and do what you need to do to protect your business today!

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