Critical Equipment Monitoring

Commercial – Critical Equipment Monitoring

Imagine having the total peace of mind that comes just by knowing that the equipment your business relies upon is being carefully monitored 24/7!

You don’t need to imagine anymore thanks to United Alarm – the commercial security specialist in Calgary since 1990 and over 20,000 successful systems installations and thousands of happy business customers, who better to trust with your security requirements? At United Alarm, we provide businesses with a Critical Equipment Monitoring Service that allows you to keep on keeping on!

How Critical Equipment Monitoring works
When you enlist the Critical Equipment Monitoring Service from United Alarm, one of our specialist technicians will install a number of high-tech sensor devices that will detect any temperature changes and changes/abnormalities in your normal critical processes which may be indicative of a problem. The device will then alert our Security Monitoring Centre which will then notify you and assess the situation. The appropriate action will then be taken to minimize the risk and stop this problem becoming a bigger one which could hurt your business.

The Benefits of Critical Equipment Monitoring
Once you install and activate critical equipment monitoring at your business, you will benefit by having:

  • the assurance that your critical equipment is being monitored for any irregularities that may be indicative of a problem, i.e. failure of the equipment; and
  • the assurance that if the slightest problem is detected, immediate action will be taken to stop the problem from escalating into one that could disrupt business operations.

Have a business in Calgary? Act now to prevent equipment failure and enlist our Critical Equipment Monitoring Service!
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