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Commercial – Automatic Fire Alarms

More and more Calgary businesses are being protected from fire, and it’s all because of United Alarm!

It takes a great deal of time and hard work to establish and build a business, and that’s why an increasing number of businesses are enlisting our fire protection expertise to keep them safe. You too can benefit from the protection we offer through our state-of-the-art fire protection solutions for business.

How Automatic Fire Alarms work
A trained United Alarm technician will install an automatic fire alarm system at your place of business, positioning a number of the latest, technologically-advanced sensors that will pick up even the slightest sign of smoke. Once the sensor is alerted to smoke, our 24/7 Security Monitoring Centre will:

  • telephone the Calgary premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;
  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;
  • send a security officer to your business to investigate; or
  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend the business.

The Benefits of Automatic Fire Alarms
By installing automatic fire alarms at your business, you:

  • can be assured that the electronic sensors at your business will immediately alert our Security Monitoring Centre;
  • can be assured our Security Monitoring Centre personnel will respond immediately to any fire alerts at your business;
  • can be assured emergency personnel will be dispatched to minimize any fire damage at your business;
  • can be assured of the very best protection because United Alarm is ULC listed and insured for installation and monitoring of high rise and large commercial buildings for fire alarm monitoring.

Business in Calgary? Dramatically minimize fire risks today by installing Automatic Fire Alarms!
You know your business deserves the very best fire protection, and that’s why you need automatic fire alarms from United Alarm. Call our team of commercial security specialists today and protect your business from fire!





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