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Too many Calgary businesses have fallen victim to unauthorized entrants. The great news is that more and more of them are being protected from theft, robbery and assault thanks to United Alarm!

United Alarm – the commercial security solutions specialists in Calgary – have been protecting businesses since 1990 and they can protect you from unauthorized access. The commercial security solution is Access Control and it could save you a fortune – maybe even a life!

How Access Control works
You’ve seen security cards that people wear on their person and scan to gain entry into a building? Access Control uses this electronic card technology, and when you enlist this service to protect your Calgary business from unauthorized access, you will give each of your staff and other select people the authorization to be in your building. The cards work with a comprehensive, yet easy to use Access Control System, which will allow you to view a site map of your premises – in real time – and spot the authorized personnel. The convenience of the Access Control System allows you to grant or delete access authorization any time you wish.

The Benefits of Access Control
As you can guess, unauthorized access can result in damage, theft, assault or worse. By enlisting the Access Control Service as a security solution for your business, you:

  • will be assured that only authorized personnel will be able to access your business premises;
  • will be assured that by implementing such a security system you can track suspicious activity, e.g. an employee entering the premises at an odd hour; and
  • will be assured that by implementing an access control system you are dramatically minimizing the risk associated with unauthorized access. Put simply you are protecting your staff, your property, your confidential commercial files and yourself.

Doing business in Calgary? Protect your property and your staff by enlisting the Access Control Service for your business!
The lives of your team, your equipment and your confidential files are what keep your business going every day. Our business clients understand this, and that’s why they’re enlisting our protective expertise! Call United Alarm and talk to our commercial security specialists today about how you can protect your business from unauthorized access thanks to the Access Control Service!

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