Safer Internet Day Tips

Internet is a wonderful tool but its growing importance of internet in our lives makes protecting your critical data and more difficult. Here are some tips to protect what is important to you online:

Security Checkup

Take a few minutes to review and manage your internet security settings
Secure browser pages, never memorised and regularly changed passwords seems to be the ABC of any data security strategy. Also make sure that your Antivirus is up-to-date to minimize the risk of any intrusion.
Only connect and leave documents/info to websites, apps, and devices you can trust and regularly use. If anything looks suspicious, change your settings or password immediately.

Passwords: Strong and regularly modified

Talking about password, make your account as difficult to force as possible is your first line of defense.
A strong password defeats hackers and keeps your account protected.
Avoid by any means combinations: “password,” “123456,” your birthdate or any passwords that do not include several character types. Those are way too easy to guess.
To create a complex and secure password, make it unique: mix of letters, caps or lower case, numbers, and symbols and create one password per websites and email account you have.
And most important: keep it a secret. Your password should not be known by anyone else but you.

Add an extra layer of security to your account

To do so, recovery phone number, email or backup codes are your best allies.
Websites can use these elements to make sure that the account owner is currently using the account. They can also be used to verify/retrieve/reset your password, as well as sending you potential security alerts.

2-Step Verification

This is the latest and most sophisticated way of protecting your information online.
With 2-Step Verification, sign into your account with your password is not enough. A secondary code or password is sent to your phone or, a Security Key you insert into the USB port of your computer.
This ultimate security setting can prevent phishing because stealing your password will not be enough to a hacker to get into your account.

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