How to prevent the danger that comes from the inside

How to prevent the danger that comes from the inside

When it comes to protecting a business, break in and external thief are the first threats that come to mind.
However, danger does not always strike where it awaits.
Billions of dollars are lost and stolen annually because of Employee behaviors. This can range from the use or the misuse of company assets made without its permission, to the theft of the organisation property.

Here’s how you can stop and even prevent such practice.

  • Document it
    In case a theft had already been noticed or suspected, take notes of all the details such as:
    • What was used/stolen? : goods, equipment, etc.
    • When? : time and date
    • Where? : try to be as precise as possible. The most seemingly insignificant detail is often the key to identifying the guilt.
    • And last be not least, around whom was it stolen? Who was the last person to be around/ to use the missed or stolen object?
  • Be vigilant
    That might pretty easy to say but the simplest things are sometimes the most efficient.Whether it is to prevent or to eliminate suspicious behaviors, one of the first reflexes to adopt is to monitor your business activity and to watch for discrepancies and illogical stats:
    • Stocks vs sales volumes
    • Missing items or funds
    • Depending on your activity, pay extra attention for unusual moves such as free items, refunds, discounts, etc.
    • Install security cameras at strategic locations to take thief in flagrante delict
    • Monitor after-hours access to the building
  • Set up a security, « theft proof » structure:
    • Install a modern POS (point-of-sale) system
    • InstallCameras with remote view
    • Install an Access Controlsystem
    • Restrict after-hours access
    • Hold one on one interviews with your staff. Honest co-workers may point you in the right direction.
    • Install a monitored security system notifications to be aware of all the comings and goings in real time.

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