Home Security Tips

While professional thieves are difficult to defeat, most home burglaries are done by inexperienced first offender. Here are some tips to prevent thieves from approaching your home:

  • Test your security system yourself:
    Whether you enlisted the services of an alarm system company, or have a DIY system, test your system. You’ll discover any weaknesses in your security system and will be able to make adjustments.
  • Always lock up your home:
    No matter how long you will be gone. Every second you door is left unlocked is an opportunity for burglars to just walk in.
  • New house, new locks:
    Congratulations! You found your new home and moved all your valuables to your new cosy place.
    The first reflex to have to protect your valuables is to have all the locks and tumblers changed.
  • Great honors are great burdens:
    To be as effective as possible, prefer wireless security systems or conceal all the cables of your security system. Disconnect the security system is one of the first objectives of the burglars.
  • We are home!
    This is what anyone should believe every time they come by your home. Use light and stereo switches and timers systems when you’re away.
    Notes for service people or family members on the door are other obvious signs that no one is home and act as welcome card for burglars. Thus, they need to be avoided.
  • Don’t let a faulty alarm ruin its purpose:
    You have a security system that regularly goes off for no apparent reason? Get it fixed immediately and let your neighborhood know.
    People tend to ignore signals that regularly goes off, thinking there is nothing to worry about.
  • Deadbolt locks is the key:
    Unlike spring-latch lock, where burglars can use the “loiding” strategy (using credit cards to depress the latch tongue and unlock doors), deadbolts are only vulnerable when there is space between the door and the frame for intruder to break in.
  • When keys are lost, change the locks:
    It may seem common sense but the temptation to get new keys instead of changing the whole lock can be difficult to resist.
    However, do not take the risk of seeing your keys falling into the wrong hands! If you lose your keys, there is not a moment to lose: change the locks.  It always worth to protect what is important to you.
  • Know your visitors before you let them in:
    Another common sense advice, but make sure you know who is at your door before you let them in. Been housekeepers, companies’ representatives or new neighbors, check all references: ask that their ID, contact the company they pretend to work for, or your local “Better Business Bureau” to confirm the firm’s establishment.
    Ask for credentials from any sales-person who requests entry to your home. be pushed under the door. Many professional burglars use this cover to check out homes. If you’re doubtful, check with the person’s office before letting him or her in.
  • Be creative:
    When hiding your spare keys, avoid the traditional mailbox, doormat, nailed behind the garage. For instance you can, wrap the key in foil, or put it in a 35mm film can, and smuggle it where only you can find it!
  • Enlighten your entrance:
    Consider installing lighting with motion detectors. Most thieves don’t like to be put on the spot.
  • Be part of your community:
    Talk to your neighbors about any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
  • Advice to our Trade workers and Handymen:
    Give your tools a unique design. Thieves are reluctant to steal easily recognizable items.
  • Nature can unintentionally become burglars’ best friend:
    Trees located near windows can give thieves an easy access to your home. When building your landscaping plan, keep in mind what you need to protect what matters most.
  • Your identity is as valuable as your belongings:
    Do not list your full name on your mailbox. If you name is required, Use your initial and your last name at most. Don’t worry, the postman can still find you by your suite and/or street number.
  • Our animal friends:
    Dogs are great alarm systems. Even the smallest but noisy dog can be effective as burglars do not like to draw the attention.

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