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home automation

Imagine being able to control your house with your fingertips: seeing the lights come on & off, the atmosphere coming to an comfortable temperature, and your favorite music or program coming into your TV or your stereo as you get into your living room.

You can turn your home to a high tech show or get few automated features to make your life easier.

No matter the level of home automation to which you aspire, 2 options are available to you: building a new system from scratch or makeover your existing living space.
In both cases, your tablet becomes your one-stop shop to get the atmosphere you want at any time.

Here are some tips to follow to get the automation system your need:

  • Plan Ahead and get to know what you really need:
    This is the first question you have to ask yourself: “Which feature do I want automated?” Would the lightning or the air conditioning be enough? Or do you want to get a complete security system, with all the cutting edge elements.
    Once you made the list, contact a specialist which go through your home and map out the best system that matches your needs and your will.
  • Keep a restricted choice of brands:
    When the “mono branding” is not mandatory, it might be a great option for aesthetic and technology purposes to  get devices within the same family.
  • In an Apartment, Work Around Your Strata Rules
    If you’re in a pre-existing dwelling, strata-ruled or body corporate building, the restrictions might seem to be a great barrier.
    Find out your strata rules to see how they might affect your home automation, work around any restrictions, and submit any necessary applications.
  • A Good Wi-Fi Router is essential to handle your home automation system:
    Any wireless setup needs a powerful Wi-Fi router to avoid most connections issues you might encounter with such a system.
    If you have a strong, high-quality Wi-Fi signal, your smart home devices will to successfully communicate with each other so tapping to turn on a light works every time and instantly.
  • Choose the appliances you need, but don’t buy compulsively:
    Home automation tools are not equal. Some worth more than others.
    Keep in mind than in a home automation system, the smart home controller does all the work, so other products like the lightning and air conditioning don’t need to be as trendy.
    Good old fashioned light bulb work great within a home automation system.
  • Talk To An Expert:
    Let’s be honest, we are all tech savvy and when it comes to home automation, it is easy to get lost. It is always good to ask certified specialists that know home automation system tricks by heart.
  • Leave Wiring Jobs To The Professionals:
    This might common sense, but doing any work that involves 240-volt electricity wiring or your in-home phone line is dangerous, and must be left up to an expert.
  • Updates Can Be Done Remotely Or In Person:
    Technology is going fast, and home automation is not an exception. Upgrades are not rocket science, but we advise to get the installer who built your home automation system to handle the job, either remotely or in-house.

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