Apartment Security Tips for Renters

Apartment Security Tips for Renters

Renters have specific security needs, depending on their property community, the traffic within the area, the proximity with other units,… they will all affect the risk of intrusion and burglary and the need of security systems.

Here is some elements you might want to consider when choosing an apartment before you sign the lease.

  1. Scan the area
    You found a place you like, and would like to go forward. To avoid bad surprises, slow down and take the time to check the crime activity in the community. You might talk to the local police, your future landlord or neighbors to get an idea of what your daily life will look like in your new place.
  1. Test Lighting
    Robbers enjoy poorly-lit or dark areas. They are great entry point they can use without being noticed.
    Therefore, when inspecting a potential new place, check all main accesses and secondary doors like the mail area, and the laundry rooms. Make sure their lightning system is sufficient especially for night times. The fewer dark spots, the better it is for your safety.
  1. Observe General Upkeep
    It might be the common sense section of this article: take in the general look and feel of your new place and notice any broken windows, cracked drywall, water stains and if the lawn has been maintained. If no basic maintenance has been main, I doubt that the level of safety is the landlord’s first priority.
  1. Check Apartment Entrances
    After the safety of the unit itself, pay attention to the building security structure. Many times, you will find an outside entry door with a key, a pass code, or buzz-in to access the hallways and the apartments. This will enable you to control who gets in your building and/or apartment, reducing the loitering, break-ins, and burglary risks.
  1. Get a working peephole
    A peephole will let you see who’s at your door step before you open it. This can keep you and your family safe, especially when your kids or you are alone in your home.
    If your door does not have a peephole, ask your landlord to get one installed before you move in.
  1. Examine Locks
    Good door locks like deadbolts and window locks prevent intruders from entering your home. There are crucial tools, especially for doors and windows located in the ground level. That being said, all windows should be properly checked and locked to discourage even the most determined burglars.
    Consider all windows as equally potential entry points, and make sure all their locks are working properly and cannot be opened from the outside.
    You might even ask the landlord when he changed the locks for the last time and if he might consider to change them.
  1. Fire Exits
    In apartment building, fire exits can be tenants’ lifesavers during an emergency, but an easy access to windows and balconies for burglars. If your apartment has an external fire escape, make sure it is properly stored off the ground, so intruders can’t use it to get into your apartment.

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