How to choose the ideal security system company


“No matter where I am, people and things I care about are safe”

This is the peace of mind we all aspire to get when it comes to protect what is important to us, being our family, our home or business.

To make it happen, we want a security system that is fully tested, approved, and that consider every single detail of our busy lifestyles, no exception or concession.

So we start to look at what the security systems industry has to offer, without any clue on where to start or what feature to look for.

What an overwhelming process! There are so many systems and services providers to choose from.

Which system should we go for? And more importantly: which service provider should we partner with?

Here are some key elements to consider when selecting your home business security system & partner:

  • What type of service packages do they offer?

Design, installation, maintenance, surveillance, or turnkey solution, the range of services will widely vary from one provider to the other. Make sure to choose the one that covers all your needs.

  • What product do they use?

Fire, flood, intrusion, or movement alert, hard wired, wireless or home automation-type systems….
No matter what you need to get installed, make sure the installation partner uses the industry to brands and products. Protecting your family does not allow second class devices.

  • Is their price range within your budget?

We all agree that protecting what is important for you require top quality products and services.

However precaution is required: expensive does not always lead to high quality services, and agreeing on a price you can’t afford is not the best strategy either.

  • Where is the provider located?

When a security breach occur, time is key. You need your security company to be reactive and close enough to be able to intervene as quickly as possible. You also want to be able to talk to a person about the situation, instead of receiving an impersonal and standardized automated message.


  • What warranty do they offer?

Some providers will follow the manufacturer warranty and only guarantee the hardware, when other companies will also offer a guarantee on their installation services. Either way, make sure you know what the guarantee(s) cover(s) and for what period of time (usually 1 to 2 years).

  • Check their customer history:

Do people around you have any experience with security system providers and products? What are the consumers’ reviews (internet, forums, press etc.) on the providers you are talking to?

  • Certified providers:

The best way to protect you from unprofessional technicians and potential scams is to consider certified professionals only. Certification entities like ULC, ISO, CSAA delivers certificates to companies delivering high quality and compliance services.

  • Set up meeting and/or premises tour with potential providers:

Every house or office is different. When you contact potential partners, most of them will provide you with a rough idea of what the installation will look like and the cost attached to it.

However, do not agree on any kind of plan before your premises have been reviewed by a technician.

  • Take the time to review your contract carefully:

Congratulations! You finally found the system you needed and the services provider that can install it and monitor it for you. All you need to do is signing the contract so the system can be implemented.

Do not rush this step!
Be sure to understand and to be in agreement with every paragraph. This way you know what to expect, which could save you some bad surprises along the way.

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