10 Spots To Protect Your Valuables

protect-your-valuablesSometimes the best way to protect your valuables is to hide them and keep the spots secret.

If you are already using this strategy, you will find that hiding places most of us would consider as secure, are actually easy target for thieves.

This article will give you 10 ideas on how you can protect what is important to you.

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

Suck your valuables into the vacuum cleaner if you want them away from preying eyes. No one actually has the time to look into an old vacuum cleaner lying in the corner of the room.

  • Snack Jar:

You can hide all your valuables like earrings or rings in the snack jar. No one will open the jar to find your jewelry. No, unless he is way too hungry!

  • The records shelf:

If you are a big music fan, and you have a huge music collection, then you might also have a hiding spot hidden from you. Just take out some of the records from the shelf. Hide whatever you want to. Now put back the records.

  • Paint cans:

Paint cans have multiple uses. Use them to hide your valuables away in the garage.

  • Under the sink:

Just remove the plaster under your sink and hide your valuable in it. Make sure that you hide the valuable in something which protects it under the sink.

  • Behind the painting:

This is a very common spot nowadays, but it never gets old. Many people still forget to check behind the painting.

  • Underneath the tile:

Take out a tile from your floor and drill a hole underneath it. This can be your perfect hiding spot.

  • Keyboard:

You can use your old keyboard as a hiding spot. Open it and hide your valuables in it.

  • Books:

This is one of the classic ways to hide your valuables. If you have a lot of books at your place, this spot could be perfect for you.

  • Mayo jars:

This can be the perfect hiding spot for all the foodies. Just take one of the old mayo jars and paint it with fake mayo. Now your jar is ready to take in all your valuables.

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