10 Prepping Tips To Deter Burglars

There are simple and practical tips to deter burglars that homeowners sometimes take for granted, making it easier for burglars to do their job. Sometimes it is as simple as closing and locking your doors. Do not sacrifice your family’s safety, privacy, and sanity by failing to take these simple precautions. Here are ten reminders to put off burglars:

Lock the doors

It sounds like rocket science but studies show that 34% of break-ins are through the front door.
So don’t make the burglars’ life easy, lock all your doors.

Don’t forget the windows

Aside of entry doors, thieves choose in 22 % windows to break in homes.
Sliding glass windows are particularly sensitive.

The solution? Use tempered and laminated glass with secondary locking devices. Do not let your curtains open throughout the day if your windows are secured.

Beware of the dog

We all agree that dogs are great company. Burglars avoid homes with dogs. Their bark draw the attention, thieves’ worst enemies. They want to be as discrete as they can.

Get a security system

Industry specialists estimates that:

  • homes without an alarm security system are 300% more likely to be broken into.
  • 83% of burglars that they try to determine whether a target is protected.
  • 60% said they would look for another target if they find out this had an alarm system.
  • Security camera are told to scare 40% of burglars. They could also help identify culprit and arrest them.

Put up “beware” signs

If you have a dog, an alarm system, or hidden security cameras in your home, let the burglar know about it. A visible sign that your home is protected tells the burglar that there will be consequences upon breaking into your home.

Hide your spare keys better

Under the doormat or the flower pot are hiding places widely spread and easy to guess to any vicious person.

Don’t put information on your key that can indicates where you live either because it will become a welcome card to burglars in case of loss of your keys.

Somebody’s home?

That’s what you want every passer-by to believe, even when you’re away. Indeed, most burglaries happen during office hours, when homeowners are in school or at work. Holidays and vacation seasons are also very popular among burglars.

How to make your home appear occupied?

Use timers on your electronic devices like TV, radio, and your lightings to give the illusion you are home. A mail not picked up is also a good indicator that your home is empty. Get a friend/neighbour to collect them for you.

Trim your yard

Like the mail, untidy lawn does not give the impression that your home occupied. Shaggy shrubs and untrimmed trees can also provide hiding places for burglars. The best way to remedy this situation is to use your common sense and ask yourself: can thieves use bushes to hide or access my windows easily?

Be a good community member

Neighbour can be your best security ally. Be friendly to your community. For example, when they are on vacation, offer them to monitor their home so they can do the same in return. You could also regularly park in front of each other houses so it looks occupied. Lawn trim and mail pick up are other tips to protect each other property.

“Burglarize” yourself

Look at your home from a burglar’s perspective. Burglars are not rocket scientists. Look around and spot points of entry that would look vulnerable to burglars. Try to break in your own home to check your doors and windows are secured and if the alarm system is working.

Do not compromise your family’s safety.

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